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Saturday, December 31, 2005
Ultima Irritating Yearly Ending Update

Hey Everybody! Are you all ready for the 'Ultima Irritating Yearly Ending' update? Well if you're not then please by all means press 'alt' and 'w' together.

Well for those who are, I'm speechless yet I'm happy. So I'm going to start a speech. Enjoy!

So, all I can tell you is thanks alot for actually viewing this blog, seriously I thank every single one of you who've been viewing my blog since.. well, I started blogging. I started blogging on February 25th 2005 on the topic of the 'broken' key, if you ppl read my old blog before. Those people, as in You all, are the ones who gave and still continue giving me support, confidence and well I guess we can say 'will' to continue this blog. Due to the lack of popularity of my blog. Okay, I admit my blog isn't popular at all don't believe? Then look at the 'hit counter' compare em' with every blog. So first I would like to announce the most popular blog I know in SMSKL.

Note: Incase you're curious on how I stream, well its simple. I base on the number of hits on their hit counters, creativity and most importantly originality. Even if you find that you're hit counter is above theirs, its probably because you lack originality. You know who you are.

Form 5
Tze Lin! With 25,230+ hits!
Though next year you won't be in the competition anymore.
Good luck in what ever you do.

Form 4
Unavailable, as I do not know any form fours who blogs.
Hopefully I will know one next year for form five.

Form 3
Unavailable, as I don't really know which blog is the most active.
Hopefully, ya'll put hit counters on your blogs.
It'll save me the trouble.

Form 2
Fiona Goh! With 7270+ hits!
Continue blogging and score more hits.
Good luck for next year's competition and PMR.
Study Hard!

Form 1
Wan Malini! With 1280+ hits!
Hope you continue blogging with those fancy animations of yours.
Score more hits next year.

Next, I'll publish my 'Top 30 Songs of the Year'.

01. Lemon Tree by Fool's Garden

It's obvious isn't it? Ahaha. This song won me second place in Talent Time. Not forgetting this is my favourite childhood song. Happiest song I know! Thanks ya'all for Supporting, Singing along and Cheering on for me! =D I couldn't have done it without all of you. I hope it'll be the same next year (2006). I'm going to sing a Ricky Martin song! xD.

02. Tong Hua by Guang Liang

03. D-techno Life by Bleach or UVERworld

04.You're Beautiful by James Blunt

05. Eleanor by Low Millions

06. Chariot by Gavin DeGraw

07. Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney

08. Reasons by Ryan Cabrera

09. Collide by Howie Day

10. Strangers Like Me by Phil Collins

11. I'll Be by Edwin McCane

12. Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin

13. Ocean Avenue by Yellow Card

14. We Believe by Good Charlotte

15. Still Waiting by Sum 41

16. Stand by Me by Ben E. King

17. The Simple Things by Randy Travis

18. P.S. I Love You by All American Rejects

19. Grow Up by Simple Plan

20. Just the Girl by The Click Five

21. Save Me From Me by Amber Pacific

22. Stay the Same by Joey McIntyre

23. One Day by Simple Plan

24. Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Lauren Hill

25. Country Road by John Denver

26. Best of Intention by Travis Tritt

27. View From Heaven by Yellow Card

28. Aku Cinta Padamu by Siti Nurhaliza

29. I Just called to say I Love You by Stevie Wonder

30. Leave Right Now by Will Young

So I guess the next part I'll blog about is about this year, two thousand five. I've been in One Alpha and I'm one of the thirty students there, with my favourite teacher Mrs.Indra. I know most of you will deny it, but shes seriously nice. For those who thinks that Mrs. Indra too is nice, please tag it in my tagboard. I wanna see who really thinks shes a good and nice teacher. So this year I've been an average student, I guess. Oh, and I wanna list my eight favourite teacher who taught us, in no order what so ever except alphebetical.

01. Cik Zafrinah

02. Miss Sri

03. Mr. Ng

04. Mrs. Chandra

05. Mrs. Indra

06. Puan Aslamiah

07. Puan Sanizah

08. Puan Sharifah

Thank you for tolerating my nonsense every time. Not forgetting being nice and happy most of the time. Making us laugh and allowing us to joke. So now I would like to list all my teachers and classmates in alphebetical order. Not forgetting the nicknames are by One Alpha 05.


01. Cik Zafrinah
Nickname: -

02. Miss Foong
Nickname: Harry Potter

03. Miss Sri
Nickname: Srivijaya

04. Mr. Nathan
Nickname: -

05. Mr. Ng
Nickname: -

06. Mr. Yeong
Nickname: -

07. Mrs. Chandra
Nickname: -

08. Mrs. Chong
Nickname: -

09 .Mrs. Indra
Nickname: Penguin

10. Puan Aslamiah
Nickname: -

11. Puan Nomi
Nickname: Know Me

12. Puan Roserin
Nickname: -

13. Puan Sanizah
Nickname: Pizza

14. Puan Sharifah
Nickname: Sejarah


01. Amelia Neoh
Nickname: Hello Kitty Girl

02. Ariel Ooi
Nickname: Little Mermaid

03. Lee, Boon Seong
Nickname: Baboon

04. Calvin Khor
Nickname: -

05. Carine Ch'ng
Nickname: Curry Ching

06. Crystal John
Nickname: Sakkai

07. Daniel Lim
Nickname: Danny

08. Derrick Khoo
Nickname: Doggy

09. Elena Ang
Nickname: Elephant

10. Fong Zheng
Nickname: Bloody Balloon

11. Hugo Ng
Nickname: -

12. Jeremy Loh
Nickname: -

13. Choy, Joon Hoe
Nickname: Ah Boi

14. Ooi, Ji Kin
Nickname: Chicken

15. Justin Choong
Nickname: Dustbin

16. Laura Lok
Nickname: Locker

17. Livia Hong
Nickname: Sunnie

18. Natalie Liew
Nickname: Horny Devil

19. Hor, Rina
Nickname: Reeniey

20. Samantha Leong
Nickname: Man

21. Sherlyn Fung
Nickname: Chiwawa

22. Sherry Ng
Nickname: Cherry

23. Sheryl Goh
Nickname: -

24. Mah, Siu Yi
Nickname: Dato' Mah

25. Steffi Lim
Nickname: Monkey

26. Stephen Ee
Nickname: Stephenie

27. Ong, Suyin
Nickname: Chloe

28. Ooi,Wei Jun
Nickname: Tai Lou

29.Winston Chew
Nickname: Mr. Chew's Son

30. Soo, Yew Jin
Nickname: Euglena

Now continuing with the things I did for occasions with or without my class, with or without some of my classmates, with or without the band, with or without the band members. I don't really know where to start, I mean because there are too many activities I've done. Well most of em' I can remember, yet some I can't. Well there's basically about ten activities? Nah, there's basically gotta be more then that right? So you people gotta help me while I go along okay?

So where should I start? Should I classify it in sections or just say it out straight? What about arranging it with the date? Damn, it's hard to make up once mind, isn't it? Alright! I've got it, I'll just list em' in groups.

Band Performances:

PWTC on 2nd of April.

Sports Day on 23rd of April.

Pre-School Sports Day on 29th April.

Nukata Japan Exchange Program on 19th August.

Open Day on 10th September.

Random and Public Performances and Activities:

English Week Story Telling (Third Place) on 13th July.

Closing Ceremony of English Week's 1 Alpha Sketch on 8th of August.

Gema Merdeka's Choir (Conductor) on 9th of September.

1 Alpha's DeepaRaya rice work on 27th October.

Talent Time Competition sang Lemon Tree (Second Place) on 10th November.

Monkey Mafia:

  1. The Beginning.
    Civics Mini Sports Day held on July 21st.
  2. The Mission Impossible became Possible.
    Closing Ceremony of English Week held on 8th August.
  3. The Return of the Mafias.
    Art Project 1 held on August 14th.
  4. The Gates to the Realm of the Mahs.
    Art Project 2 held on August 24th.
  5. Disguised as Stars.
    Gema Merdeka Choir held on September 9th.
  6. The Mysterious Rainbow Rice Concoction.
    DeepaRaya Rice Art held on October 27th.

The members will be listed down according to which MM Episodes they belong to.

  1. The Beginning

    Fong Zheng
  2. The Mission Impossible became Possible.


  3. The Return of the Mafias.

    Wei Jun
  4. The Gates to the Realm of the Mahs.

    Siu Yi
  5. Disguised as Stars.

    Wei Jun
    Fong Zheng
    Joon Hoe

  6. The Mysterious Rainbow Rice Concoction.

    Fong Zheng
    Wei Jun
    Boon Seong
    Joon Hoe

So those are all the Monkey Mafia Episodes that were held this year. Don't worry I won't forget you all, after all, you made experience special experiences that I will treasure forever. I can't wait for next year's Monkey Mafia episodes. I hope theres gonna be more. I love being leaders at times like these, it just makes you feel happy with all the teamwork shown and the successful result.

Thank You Everyone whos name was listed. You've all changed my life in several different ways just by being in the Monkey Mafia series and co-operating with me.

My Christmas Tree

It's Beautiful, It's Beautiful, It's Beautiful, It's True! And I saw the lights and the decorations. I'll never know what to do, Cause I'll never be like it. xD

Goofy Clause is on my tree~

Steffi: Ma, should put something on top, maybe a star.
Mom: Aiyo, we don't have a star, nevermind larh we put an angel there.
Steffi: Not nice larh. So, yerr, damn suck larh.
Mom: You so smart then go find and put yourself larh, suck suck suck.
*looks at the side, a bright light shines at something*
*sees Goofy*
*Halelujah Chorus begins*
Steffi: I know! Put Goofy larh! Better then some Angel.
Mom: Okay, Okaylarh. Anythinglarh, I don't care larh.

Image hosted by

Don't you just love candy canes? Don't mind retarded me. =D

Image hosted by

Wahahaha~ Open Day! In the auditorium

Image hosted by

So damn nice larh. Try and spot me. =)

Image hosted by

Wahahaha~ The full thing.

Image hosted by

Whoa~ It's the choir.

Image hosted by

Damn, my back. It's always the back for the conductor.

Image hosted by

Well not really, It's not the back now right?

Image hosted by

The Greatest people, I'll ever know. Thank You all of you!

Image hosted by

The Rice Art~!

Behold the New Excos, For the Band!!!











Image hosted by

XD I Was Bored. =P

Well I guess that's all the pictures I owe ya. So Happy New Year! Good Bye!

>-Irritating Monkey-<

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Greetings to All and All a Jolly Good Season! Once again, Santa's Little Irritating Elf-liked Monkey is back to update on this really really special day to *drags the word 'to'* definitely not me!!! But to everyone else who got presents!!! =D Ahahaha I just had to do something stupid. So lets see, *scratches head* what should I update about for today?

Okay, I haven't really got any idea on what to update so I'll just go on with what comes into my mind. So if you think this is going to be a boring entry please press 'ctrl' + 'w' together, but if you're not ignore the instructions before and continue reading. =D Sorry, a monkey's gotta satisfy the viewers.

Okay so I betcha you're all wondering what I did for christmas today, right? So thats the first thing I'm gonna talk about. Right so you people thought that my, wait let me emphasize on that, MY (Now that's better) was going to be excited or for sure fun but nope you're all wrong. Okay, I can admit that I HAD a LITTLE fun, but it wouldn't be called fun to me, especially on Christmas. All I did was sit on the computer and hear music. Thats all, for this year's Christmas. Anyways I hope you all have fun and great presents for Christmas.

Oh! That reminds me of something,  remember in my other entry 1st December 2005, I've stated that I'm going to TRY and give Christmas presents to all my owners. Well now it doesn't seem like I can as, I'm broke and I'm stuck in my house this whole month. Don't worry incase you're wondering I didn't get any presents this year. Well not today of course *winks* nothing from my family and friends yet. But I know my parents won't get me anything, they'd probably think I'm too 'big' for presents. Well, let me state clearly that I AM NOT BIG NOR LARGE, FAT NOR CHUBBY. I am nothing like that, everyone agrees, don't they?

So this Christmas is going to be a boring, present-free year for Santa's Little Irritating Elf-liked Monkey. *Joker's Smile* Noneed to pity me, I don't really need the presents anyways. Thanks for your consideration but I'm perfectly fine, I'm serious. *smiles*.

So the next topic I'm going to start is about the *victorious or entrance music* FUTURE activities!!! *boos and anger screams among the viewers* Ahaha I'm serious *one of the viewers throw a tomato at the screen and the screen ducks* xD I'm sorry but its just to fill time of blogging. So on the twenty-six also known as tomorrow I've been invited to Sheryl's B'day Party at her Condo, the only thing I didn't understand was.. SHE INVITED ME!!! XD Its hard for me to get invitations T-T. Continuing on the twenty-seven also known as the 'Day after Tomorrow' till thirtieth also known as 'Three Days after Tomorrow' I have band practice. Not to forget the Form Ones 2006 are going to school for the orientation on the thirtieth and that can only mean one thing. I'M GOING TO TRY MY LUCK IN GOING TO BAND LATE OR GIVE EXCUSES TO SEE THEM!!! =D.

Ahaha you can't blame me, they after all are going to be my new victim. Wahahahah New toys!!! xD I'm a Happy Happy Monkey. Aiks so its going to be a nice year I can tell. Well anyways I gotta go, ciaoz.

Yours Sincerely,
>-iRRiTaTiNG MoNKeY-<
(Santa's Little Irritating Elf-liked Monkey)

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Thursday, December 22, 2005
Long Update.. Sorry..

Hey Hey everybody! Long time no blog eh? Santa's Irritating Elf-liked Monkey is back with more surprises. But first I'm terribly terribly sorry for the lack of update but you know how it is right? Last Holidays of the Year equals to increase of boredom, laziness and twenty-four, seven online, well for me of course. Hey! Before you point  your fingers at me, gimme a chance to explain first yea? Okay firstly I didn't go anywhere for holidays so I'm pretty much stuck in jail during the holidays. Next what can I do to fill my time? Obviously go online, but of course you might be thinking what about the playstation & playstation II or the television, well for most reasons I haven't been buying new games so I'm pretty much stuck with nothing. Plus not forgetting the designings I made for the layout.

Okay so if it'll make it easier I'll tell you what I did last week okay? Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday I've watched all fifty 'Gensomaden Saiyuki' episodes finished, its completed. Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the other hand I've been watching all sixty-one episodes that I've finished downloading of 'Bleach'. I'm waiting for episode sixty-two to be air-ed so I can download it. So yeap free time for watching animes. I'm now currently downloading the complete set of 'Aishiteruze Baby' which has twenty-six episodes. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what anime it is, all I know about it is.. its an anime. Not pretty much info huh?

Okay as most of the readers in my blog are buddhist, some of you may know that today is the once-in-a-year festival the 'Tang Yuen' festival (Note: I'm not sure wheter I spelled it correct so if anyone has the correct spelling please notify me. Thank You.). And yes I'm going to blog about it. So today my aunty came back and she brought along five packets of coloured rice flour for the occasion. We had white, green, yellow and ugh... pink. Damn I wish I could make my own coloured riceflour, maybe blue, red, orange? You know.. outstanding colours. But to my family they think I'm dumb so they bought everready battery riceflour and I'll do the rolling. But next year things are gonna change! I told my aunt straight forward that I wanted to do different colours and she said she'll think about it. So anyways back to the story from 3:30 PM till 4:30 PM I've done all five packets. New time record! =) (Last record: one hour and forty-five minutes.)

I love playing with the riceflour... I made a square one and my aunt scolded me x) oo not forgetting my multi-coloured one. Ah, it was fun plus not forgetting I have many pictures wahahahahaha. I dunno wheter you viewers prefer me to put pictures or not because lol the way I take pictures are just weird. So if you don't really like me putting pictures on my blog please tell me on my tagboard or my comments section, I'm taking the viewers point of view now =).

After I finished rolling it to a shape of a ball, I passed everything to my aunt and she did all the cooking and all. So I relaxed and went online and camwhored. I'm kinda addicted to filmstrips or shall I say I'm lazy to upload all my pictures so I'm making it to filmstrips so I don't have to upload anymore, a good idea if I do say so myself ^^P.

I'll post the pictures here now okay?

Image hosted by

The Everready Battery Riceflour

Image hosted by

The riceflour has been shaped into shapes of balls by Monkey. ^^P

The reason you see tissue is because it absorbs moisture therefore makes it alot better to eat.. I guess and it also helps not getting the 'Tang Yuen' stuck on the plate.. lazy to wash larh.. lalalalala..

Image hosted by

They look like a mountain of paus. CHAR SIEW PAU!!! =F *drools*

Image hosted by

Wahahahaha.. Behold, my work of food!!!

Image hosted by

Me camwhoring with MY work of damn i'm hungry art

Image hosted by

The balls in the 'pot of sweetness'. lalalalala don't mind that just scratch it. I just don't know what to call it. *rolls eyes and hums*

Image hosted by

A closer look, nice right? They look like jelly and the best thing about it it shines!!!

Image hosted by

Ain't it a beaut? =F *drools*

Image hosted by

A closer look of sweetness. xD dumb I know.

Image hosted by

'Tang Yuen' in a Spoon anyone? xD *licks screen*

Image hosted by

Me enjoying the tang yuen! Just so you know I ate more then ten of that bowl.. *nervous laugh* yea.. siao jor!!! But I did make it right?

Image hosted by


Since I've never showed you my dog before, I've got a 'not-so-good' quality picture of Her..

Image hosted by

Ignore the brown grill anyways her name is 'Stitch' xD.. Best breed in the world!!! PARIA DOG!!! ahahahahaha...

Image hosted by

Stitch Yawning =.=" What'd you expect? She guards my house everday. Thank You!

Image hosted by

Okay I know its outta the topic but my mouse trap worked! Yeah! Thats the rat which has been coming in my house and my whole family is afraid of a mouse =_=" yea.. pathetic.. LALALALA I did not say that..

Okay I used a really hard gum dunno whats it called =.=" my mom gave it to me and I left bits of chicken everywhere. =D If those who are animal lovers like myself.. I'm sorry to say this but I whacked it with a mop stick then throw it to the drain four  rows away from my house. So that it doesn't come back.. =P If you thought that was worst.. I wanted to keep that mouse =_=" Mom disagreed so badly..

Well anyways as promised in the entry before that I'll post the video of smskl's band's new president or shall we say leader plus it'll get the picture of the rat outta your mind. Lol I caught it on video when she was whining over her battery-dead phone b'cos she wanted to receive her sms and shes desperate. I laughed like crazy.


And not forgetting on the thirty-first of December, stay tuned cos there'll be the "Ultima Irritating Yearly Ending" update!!! All the pictures that I've promised you but never posted it up will be placed on that entry so stay tuned! =D.

Three more days till Christmas so everyone enjoy yea?

Yours Sincerely,
>-iRRiTaTiNG MoNKeY-<
(Santa's Irritating Elf-liked Monkey)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Band "Excos" Only Meeting

Hey everyone its been quite awhile *haha* okay I'm joking, its been so long since I last updated my blog so I think I'd better start today. Don't wanna keep you all waiting now do we?

So today, I had a band meeting. Not just any plain ol' band meeting but an "Ex-co" band meeting. Damn I didn't sleep so just took a bath (Yes, in the morning) and waited for Malini's (Mal) arrival (Note: mainly I carpool with Malini if there is band practice during holidays or other then school days). Unfortunately she was late and yes I have lost track of dates and I'm currently addicted to the word "Zucchini". Now say it with me 'Zu-Ki-Ni'. It just sounds so nice and fun to pronounce not to mention funny.

So when we reached school we raced all the way up to the band room to find out that its locked. We went down one floor to our surprised we met Zhoe June (ZJ) she too was searching for Wendy. Then we heard a call more like a voice shouting and yeap it was Wendy at the parking lots infront of the new block. She was with Boon Hua (BH) so we had to run all the way down again. As soon as we met up with them in the secondary canteen, they suggested we go to McDs. Before we set off for McDs BH went to the bookshop to get the booklist and ZJ and Mal tagged along whilst I went to pay my fees at the office and Wendy tagged along to ask them wheter they could take care of her really big and heavy bag.

Then we began the "walk" to McDs, ZJ and Mal are always the last and Wendy is worried that they might get kidnapped. When we reach McDs, we were making alot and when i say alot i mean alot (89% Volume, 24% Bass, 12% Music, 30% Sound Effects) and me, Mal and ZJ are broke. For God's sake, who brings money when there is the so called "band" stuff in school. So anyways then the meeting began and we started crapping alot, especially me. Don't believe? Go ahead and ask ZJ and Mal. Seriously, I've irritated the last of Wendy till she kept whacking my head with a manila cardboard. That really really hurt ya know.

Okay I've been arranged a number of rosters or ranks or positions or titles or post, whatever (Wendy's sickness "whatever") you want em' to be called? I have too many already, its so torturing. Anyways so the meeting was boring (Wendy if you're reading this ignore the next sentence.) that you can actually fall asleep with Wendy's voice yapping everywhere.

So after an hour or two we went back to school. On the way back to school ZJ hid behind a car and Wendy was asking her what was she doing. The conversation goes as followed:

Wendy: What are you doing?
ZJ: Nothing.
Steffi: Aijoh she tying shoe laces only larh.
ZJ: Yea!
Wendy: Sure anot?
Steffi: Nolarh.
ZJ: Woi!
Steffi: Shes talking to a cat xD.

Wendy: You better not talk to cats anymore. I mean, when you're walking with us now.
Steffi: What's the problem? I talk to dogs marh xP.
Wendy: Could you just please shut up?
Steffi: Wendy *drags*, I'm hungry larh. Belanja soft drink can anot?
Wendy: Shut up.
Steffi: Aijoh RM1.60 only larh. Have a heart, think about the children.
Wendy: Could you please stop irritating me?
Steffi: I'm not irritating you. I'm hungry =P.
Wendy: *sound of choo-choo train's steam*
Steffi: Can anot? Don't so stingy larh.
Wendy: SHUT UP!
ZJ: *giggles*
Steffi: *smiles* =D.
Steffi: Wendy?
Wendy: WHAT!?
Steffi: Nothing =P.

Soon we reached school. At first, we were planning to have our meeting at the library but it was locked/closed so we went the science lab or to be more specific the Physics Lab. Started toying around with the basin and taking pictures of our meeting. We had our laughs and Wendy started saying that she was with insane ppl. So now it was just boredom as she was supposed to give us a breifing on what our so called "rosters/ranks/positions/titles/post" has to do. Damn its gonna be sufferring. She was also taking in suggestions. I kept suggesting "Fridays Practice Period starts at 2 PM". Everytime she asked for a suggestion I would repeat that even without hearing. Especially when she asks me a question.

So we ended up going to McDs for lunch again and guess what? They paid for us! I got a large coke which I kept refilling over and over and not forgetting McChicken Burger and the fries are shared. Ever heard of 'Friendship Fries'? Well in the band thats a thing for our 'to-do-list'. This is what makes our community a friendly one.

Then after two and a half hours we went back to school and called ZJ's mom to pick us up. Incase you're wondering the meeting started from 8 AM to 2.30PM and out of eight excos only five turned up. Just imagine six hours and thirthy minutes for a meeting. Attention: If there are any Form Ones (2006) reading this post please take a consideration to join band. Remember terms and conditions apply. I love that sentence. My job now is to design a band hat which matches the marching uniform, a band uniform for daily practises like a polo t-shirt and design posters to advertise the band but of course I definitely chose my mouth. It's easier to talk then to write and design. I do it like *deep thoughts* *moments later* EVERYDAY!*shouts and smiles* Well I guess thats all for the band meeting.

Any Form Ones (2006) please make your decision on January because that is the ONLY month that we'll take new comers. As you know learning an instrument isn't very easy and we need to teach you and train you for sports day. So please take a deep thought to it. I really hope to see more new members as we're trying to fulfill a certain retired teacher's wish to have a 'sixty man band'. We shall try so please please join band.

Okay, first things first, I made two filmstrips of our new band leader Wendy Low. The reason I did the following was because there were too many pictures of her. So Enjoy! ^^P

Wendy's Filmstrip 1

Wakakakakaka... Lots of Funny Pictures! =P

Wendy's Filmstrip 2

Wahahahahaha... so many beautiful pictures xD. Most of it are her yelling at me. =)

Image hosted by

Boon Hua with his bored face.

Image hosted by

Zhoe June with her tired look.

Image hosted by

Damn. Malini is enjoying it, somehow.

Image hosted by

The Victims, well not all of it. I was the one taking the pictures! xP

Image hosted by

Another Shot.

Image hosted by

Boon Hua looking at Mr. David's "Old File".

Image hosted by

Mr. David's File!

"Old Man, Old File!" <--Me

Image hosted by

A closer look to prove its really Mr.D's file.

Image hosted by

Everybody is bored. Its just too tiring hearing Wendy with her blah blah blah.

Image hosted by

Now ain't this a pretty side? x) I'm so proud of this picture. xD

Well I have a video of Wendy Screaming and I'll put it up okay? Maybe in the next post.

Yours Sincerely,

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Saturday, December 03, 2005
Another Outing

Howdy Partners! How are ya'all doing? I hope you're enjoyin' these here holidays. Yeehaw! I've been makin' this here blog spiffy. Have ya'all darn noticed that its snowing in these here parts at this here season? Well ya betta' these here parts don't snow all the time ya' see only in December. Anyways hope ya' enjoy this entry comin up next and don't worry partner, I'll speak proper english eh *winks*?

Well today I'll begin with the morning. I didn't sleep at all, I was too busy designing till I forgotten the time. Then I heard a sound, a sound too familiar yet unrecognized till I went downstairs (Note: Laptop is Upstairs). I took a glance at the clock, it was eight ten in the morning. Then I looked out of the window, it seems my auto gate has gone hay-wired, cuckoo, nuts, psycho... I think you get the point right? Sorry I get carried away easily, lets get back to the topic shall we? So it kept opening and closing itself and whenever I pushed the button for it to close it kept repeating the steps by opening and closing (Note: It was raining quite heavily but I just don't understand how I heard it *scratches head*). So I went outside, yes in the heavily pouring rain just to fix the gate and I somehow landed myself to the ground. The gate closed itself and hit me and knocked me off the ground and fell back hitting my back on my Mom's Honda Oddessey's back bumper (Fine, Fine, so I'm not that "fat" actually very very skinny right? Nothing but bones? Meatless? *=_="*). There I was soaking wet trying to shut the god damn gate. I pulled it to the magnetic thing and just jammed a long, thick, heavy stick through the gate. You'd probably won't understand so I'll draw a rough sketch as it was raining and I couldn't take pictures.

Okay maybe I lied about "rough sketch" more like "rough drawing" so anyways its something like that. Damn auto gates think they're all that.

So anyways today I went to Sunway Pyramid at ten. It was a good outing as its a 'Double Ang Date'. Where I met up with Yee Sam on the way to McD's to meet em' at around Dunkin Donuts and yeap the stupid part always comes. We played catching all the way to McD's where Su Hyphen Yiin and Su Hyphen Mae (Su-Yiin & Su-Mae) where hiding behind a pole and me and Yee Sam just blocked them. Su-Yiin looks like a mother more like an "old" woman or what me and Yee Sam like to call it "Senior Citizen". So then it was only four of us and we decided to go to the arcade. Then we 'somehow' decided to have partners, damn Yee Sam is smart. He left me with Su-Yiin!!! I wanted Su-Mae *=_="*. Su-Yiin walks damn slow, so I started to be a hunch-back till my hands reach the ground and walk real slowly while Yee Sam and Su-Mae runs, damn you Yee Sam!!! Anyways while walking like that Su-Yiin said I was embarrassing her *XD*!!! On the way, I saw many banners hanging above and I started to jump and I kept saying, "Su-Yiin! Try and touch!". Obviously she can't so she didn't try. When we reached the arcade, Yee Sam bought tokens and went off to play 'Daytona' that car racing thingy. While I accompanied the Angs to wait for Sam and Arnold and when they showed up we called Yee Sam and we went all the way up to the Cinemas. On our way up I started walking like Su-Yiin again and Sam said I was embarrassing Ang this time. When they bought snacks I was staring at the hotdog thing its damn cool. It turns anti clockwise!!!

While we were picking the movie to watch, they wanted "Zathura" but me and Yee Sam (Again something stupid) started jumping up and down saying "Chicken Little!" and "The Sky is Falling!" repeatedly. Guess who won? *XD* We Did!!! So I guess that makes us the champion? You'll understand if you watch the movie. We are the Champions! The movie started at eleven and ended at twelve thirty when I got hungry and suggested that we eat. So we went to KFC and met Kwan Yee. After that Sam said what are we gonna do because there is so much time and I've been repeating this statement over and over but yet they wouldn't agree. "Go up the escalator then come down then go up then come down." Ain't that fun? The best part is you get to waste time! They didn't agree. So anyways we went to the arcade again and we played loads of games and we went karaoke! Quite fun but now I can see why guys like karaoke its "God-liked Porn".

Later, when the Angs went back we had nothing to do and started walking around and buying foods. First was Sam with Wrapz followed by Arnold with Hot Dog and Coke. Later I bought Strawberry and Grape on a stick followed by Kwan Yee with Roti Kebab. Yee Sam was last with buying one donut from Dunkin Donuts and a Vanilla Coke. Then we got bored and went back to the arcade once more. Soon Sam and Arnold left then when it was four Kwan Yee and Yee Sam went back. I ended up alone at Starbucks waiting for my mom. Waited from four till five thirty. But still it was fun yet boring as there were too little people.

Anyways now my blog is under the title "construction-in-progress" as you may observe the link section, all the links shown are my creation. Each and every one of them means something in the respective owner of the blogs. So criticize the link, I won't get in be dishearted but the owners will. Plus the stupid slogans in every link is my idea. Hey! It wouldn't be "Steffi's" or so-called the "Monkey's" creation without stupidity. Thats just my specialty. *=)* Well I guess I'll sign off from here. See ya!


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